Bio Canna Fertilisers

Bio canna fertilisers are not only CU Int. certified, but also have the exact right preparation method, thus preventing an overdose of nutrients. Overdosing does not only harm the environment but also the plant, which can cause growth problems. It is also possible that a plant receives insufficient nutrients due to an incorrect method of preparation.

Canna Bio Rhizatonic 250Ml Part No.1388
Canna Bio Rhizatonic 250Ml 
Canna Bio Rhizatonic 1Ltr Part No.1390
Canna Bio Rhizatonic 1Ltr 
Canna Bio Vega 1Ltr Part No.1392
Canna Bio Vega 1Ltr 
Canna Bio Vega 5Ltr Part No.1395
Canna Bio Vega 5Ltr 
Canna Bio Flores 1Ltr Part No.1396
Canna Bio Flores 1Ltr 
Canna Bio Flores 5Ltr Part No.1399
Canna Bio Flores 5Ltr 
Canna Bio BOOST 250Ml Part No.1400
Canna Bio BOOST 250Ml 
Canna Bio BOOST 1Ltr Part No.1402
Canna Bio BOOST 1Ltr 
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