Additives By House And Garden

In the last 10 years, House & Garden has become a reliable and successful supplier and producer of quality plant stimulants.

These additives have been designed to stimulate and give your crop a boost just when they need it.

Trace Mix 1ltr Part No.GMS80
Trace Mix 1ltr 
Attack Force 1ltr Part No.GMS79
Attack Force 1ltr 
Attack Force 250Ml Part No.GMS78
Attack Force 250Ml 
Magic Green Foliar 500Ml Part No.GMS77
Magic Green Foliar 500Ml 
Magic Green Foliar 250Ml Part No.GMS76
Magic Green Foliar 250Ml 
House Clean 1ltr Part No.GMS75
House Clean 1ltr 
PK 13 - 14 5ltr Part No.GMS74
PK 13 - 14 5ltr 
PK 13 - 14 1ltr Part No.GMS73
PK 13 - 14 1ltr 
Drip Clean 1ltr Part No.GMS72
Drip Clean 1ltr 
Drip Clean 500Ml Part No.GMS71
Drip Clean 500Ml 
Drip Clean 250Ml Part No.GMS70
Drip Clean 250Ml 
Shooting Powder 5pkt Box Part No.GMS69
Shooting Powder 5pkt Box 
Top Shooter 500Ml Part No.GMS68
Top Shooter 500Ml 
Top Shooter 250Ml Part No.GMS67
Top Shooter 250Ml 
Top Booster 5ltr Part No.GMS66
Top Booster 5ltr 
Top Booster 1ltr Part No.GMS65
Top Booster 1ltr 
Algen Extract 5ltr Part No.GMS64
Algen Extract 5ltr 
Algen Extract 1ltr Part No.GMS63
Algen Extract 1ltr 
Algen Extract 250Ml Part No.GMS62
Algen Extract 250Ml 
Algen Extract 500Ml Part No.GMS61
Algen Extract 500Ml 
Amino Treatment 1ltr Part No.GMS60
Amino Treatment 1ltr 
Amino Treatment 250Ml Part No.GMS59
Amino Treatment 250Ml 
Multizyme / Multi Enzymes 5ltr Part No.GMS58
Multizyme / Multi Enzymes 5ltr 
Multizyme / Multi Enzymes 1ltr Part No.GMS57
Multizyme / Multi Enzymes 1ltr 
Bud XL 5ltr Part No.GMS56
Bud XL 5ltr 
Bud XL 1ltr Part No.GMS55
Bud XL 1ltr 
Roots Excelurator 500Ml Part No.GMS54
Roots Excelurator 500Ml 
Roots Excelurator 250Ml Part No.GMS53
Roots Excelurator 250Ml 
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