Grow Lights

When setting up your grow room you are going to need a light system. When your plant have been propogated and are  ready to be moved in to the grow room you wll need a metal halide bulb for the vegitive / grow stage and a high pressure sodium bulb for the flower / bloom stage.

While in this grow stage of your plants life you will need your grow light to be on for 18 hours and off for the other 6 hours. When the plants are changed over to the bloom cycle the lights will be on for 12 hours and switched off for the remaining 12 hours.

600w Lumatek HPS Lamp Part No.GMS91
600w Lumatek HPS Lamp 
400w Lumatek HPS Lamp Part No.GMS90
400w Lumatek HPS Lamp 
250w Lumatek HPS Lamp Part No.GMS89
250w Lumatek HPS Lamp 
1000w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp Part No.GMS88
We are running low on this item
1000w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp 
600w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp Part No.GMS87
600w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp 
400w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp Part No.GMS86
400w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp 
250w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp Part No.GMS85
250w PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp 
1000w PowerPlant Metal Halide Part No.GMS84
We are running low on this item
1000w PowerPlant Metal Halide 
600w PowerPlant Metal Halide Part No.GMS83
600w PowerPlant Metal Halide 
400w PowerPlant Metal Halide Part No.GMS82
400w PowerPlant Metal Halide 
250w PowerPlant Metal Halide Part No.GMS81
250w PowerPlant Metal Halide 
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