VitaLink is a range of plant nutrients, additives and growing media designed with the grower in mind to enhance the growth and bloom of plants in order to achieve maximum yield and grow bigger buds.

The product range includes nutrients for growing in coir, earth and water, a silicon supplement.

Additives for young plants, calcium and magnesium content, boosting flowering, a plant finisher, fulvic acid additive, a foliar booster, root stimulator, heating additive, a cooling additive and a hydration additive for water stress periods.

There is also a range of growing media including a clay coir mix, a coir media, perlite, vermiculite, clay pebbles and professional soil.

Vitalink Hydro Max Bloom 5Ltr Part No.GMS216
Vitalink Hydro Max Bloom 5Ltr 
Vitalink Hydro Max Bloom 1 Ltr Part No.GMS215
Vitalink Hydro Max Bloom 1 Ltr 
VitaLink Plant Start 1l Part No.GMS186
VitaLink Plant Start 1l 
VitaLink Plant Start 250ml Part No.GMS185
VitaLink Plant Start 250ml 
Vitalink Earth Max Grow 5l Part No.GMS184
Vitalink Earth Max Grow 5l 
Vitalink Earth Max Grow 1l Part No.GMS183
Vitalink Earth Max Grow 1l 
Vitalink Hydro Max Grow 5Ltr Part No.GMS182
Vitalink Hydro Max Grow 5Ltr 
Vitalink Coir Max 5 Ltr Part No.GMS181
Vitalink Coir Max 5 Ltr 
Vitalink Coir Max 1 Ltr Part No.GMS158
Vitalink Coir Max 1 Ltr 
Vitalink Hydro Max Grow 1Ltr Part No.GMS157
Vitalink Hydro Max Grow 1Ltr 
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