VitaLink’s range of additives are highly effective growth stimulants and nutrient additives

 developed to boost specific growth processes, overcome stress periods and produce higher quality crops. Whether you are a professional or hobby grower, these additives will enable you to achieve the best possible results.

Additives vary in their means of application, mode of action and results. But what they have in common is that they facilitate your plants to achieve their full potential. Our additives range includes products which support root and plant growth and development, increase crop yields and quality, improve disease and stress resistance, as well as supplements which help your plants in case of deficiencies.

VitaLink’s range of additives are specially designed to give optimum results when used alongside VitaLink nutrients.

For more information on the VitaLink additives, take a look at each of our plant additives to find the perfect products that suit your growing requirements.

Vitalink Hydrate 1l Part No.GMS214
Vitalink Hydrate 1l 
Vitalink Hydrate 250ml Part No.GMS213
Vitalink Hydrate 250ml 
Vitalink Turbo 5l Part No.GMS212
Vitalink Turbo 5l 
Vitalink Turbo 1l Part No.GMS211
Vitalink Turbo 1l 
Vitalink Turbo 250ml Part No.GMS210
Vitalink Turbo 250ml 
Vitalink PK 13/14 5l Part No.GMS209
Vitalink PK 13/14 5l 
Vitalink PK 13/14 1l Part No.GMS208
Vitalink PK 13/14 1l 
Vitalink PK 13/14 250ml Part No.GMS207
Vitalink PK 13/14 250ml 
Vitalink Root Stim 5l Part No.GMS206
Vitalink Root Stim 5l 
Vitalink Root Stim 1l Part No.GMS205
Vitalink Root Stim 1l 
Vitalink Root Stim 250ml Part No.GMS204
Vitalink Root Stim 250ml 
Vitalink Silico Max 5l Part No.GMS203
Vitalink Silico Max 5l 
Vitalink Silico Max 1l Part No.GMS202
Vitalink Silico Max 1l 
Vitalink Silico Max 250ml Part No.GMS201
Vitalink Silico Max 250ml 
Vitalink Heat 1l Part No.GMS200
Vitalink Heat 1l 
Vitalink Finale 5l Part No.GMS199
Vitalink Finale 5l 
Vitalink Finale 1l Part No.GMS198
Vitalink Finale 1l 
Vitalink Finale 250ml Part No.GMS197
Vitalink Finale 250ml 
Vitalnk Chil 1l Part No.GMS196
Vitalnk Chil 1l 
Vitalnk Chil 250ml Part No.GMS195
Vitalnk Chil 250ml 
Vitalink CalMag 5l Part No.GMS194
Vitalink CalMag 5l 
Vitalink CalMag 1l Part No.GMS193
Vitalink CalMag 1l 
Vitalink CalMag 250ml Part No.GMS192
Vitalink CalMag 250ml 
Vitalink Buddy 5l Part No.GMS191
Vitalink Buddy 5l 
Vitalink Buddy 1l Part No.GMS190
Vitalink Buddy 1l 
Vitalink Buddy 250ml Part No.GMS189
Vitalink Buddy 250ml 
Vitalink Bat Guano 3.5kg Part No.GMS188
Vitalink Bat Guano 3.5kg 
Vitalink Bat Guano 700grms Part No.GMS187
Vitalink Bat Guano 700grms 
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